Study what you like? In the question of the best possible subject study newcomers listen to many tips. Not all are suitable for implementation. Therefore, consider before deciding that it is most likely a decision for your entire life. She wants to be well thought out. Find out here which degree programs are most in demand.

You should ask yourself these questions

The Numerus Clausus contributes significantly to many aspiring students, whether they can take their dream job or not. Especially medics have to suffer. A possible way out is to complete an apprenticeship within the department. Following the entry into the study but should be possible soon. You should ask yourself the following questions if you are not sure which course of study is the best choice for you:

  1. What are your special skills?
  2. Are you local?
  3. In which area do you want to work?
  4. How willing are you to work for a long time and under stress?

Your special skills

If you would like to study medicine, but your abilities are not in the natural sciences, medicine is not your specialty. This also applies to you when you come to the conclusion that lawyers are needed, but you would like to deal with numbers rather than words. No degree program is always easy. Therefore, consider your special abilities. This includes your stress tolerance and the ability to face failure. As a doctor, you will see people die and as a teacher, you will experience children in families that you can not help. You have to be able to stand this without losing your motivation.

The locality

If you are local for family or other reasons, consider the conditions of your area. Here, there are significant differences in job offers. So it may be that within a radius of 50 km teachers hunters are searched in a struggle, but there are pharmacists in abundance or vice versa.

In which area do you want to work?

Be sure to choose the right subject and above all the right combination of subjects. Talk to open-minded practitioners and inform yourself about alternatives.

Appreciate your motivation

Find out what the drop-out rate is in your chosen field of study. Do not start your studies lightly. Your high school diploma is the prerequisite for obtaining admission to the degree program. But it is no guarantee that you are up to the challenge. Many universities offer guest lectures, in which you can get a small impression of the study. Contact the student council if your school does not itself support such taster days at the university. Especially faculties with demanding subjects and a high drop-out rate like to offer such events, even for senior students, to facilitate their orientation.

Beware of dream jobs!

Classic examples are art studies, Romance studies or history. Even if a subject fascinates you, consider that you want to live it one day. What will your future look like? Studying is not a pastime. You have to earn money with it to be able to fulfill wishes that are important to you. Therefore, consider critically whether you are not better positioned with a broad field of study in which you can work in many areas. If you choose an exotic subject because it fits your lifelong dream, training can be a safety net in advance. Avoid unnecessary risks in decisions as important as choosing a career. But if you are absolutely convinced that your choice is right for you, then you should implement your decision.

Become popular with popular courses

Occupations with which you are very broad:

  • sociology
  • law
  • medicine
  • administrative nature

As a graduate of these courses, you can work in a wide range of fields. The labor market therefore offers a range of entry opportunities that you may not have come to during your studies. Therefore, regularly take a look at the job advertisements. If you want to do an internship, apply to the companies that are looking for graduates of your degree program. As a medical student you can also work in a publishing house looking for medical journalists. For prospective lawyers, an internship with an insurance company is a good experience. As part of such an internship, you’ll also learn what your starting salary might look like and what your average salary is. Remember that the job market is changing! If teachers are being sought in many federal states today, that does not mean that this will continue to be the case after graduation.

These programs are particularly effective

There is no job guarantee. Be sure to complete your studies, strive for high grades, and gain hands-on experience. In demand are graduates from the following fields:

  • technology
  • Social / care Risch
  • Economics
  • Marketing / Communications

During your studies, pay attention to what is offered on new courses. Many universities are trying to respond quickly to the market. So you can be one of the first to fill new gaps in the job market. When you do internships, you can talk to your superiors about what they recommend, what they often lack, and what they expect to develop.

Bachelor, Master and PhD

In some professions, the Bachelor is sufficient for starting a career, but for others this is not the case. If you want to go to research or to the management level, you should ideally join a master’s degree program. In the natural sciences a doctorate is almost always necessary to gain a foothold.

Dual degree programs

Dual degree programs are a challenge for pure theoreticians. These courses already combine the practice with theoretical knowledge during the training. This is possible in many areas today and is not only positively valued by entrepreneurs. The early entry into the professional life, you as a student or student for your later work environment sensitized. The motivation can be significantly strengthened, because you now see what you need your theoretical knowledge. You also realize what you can do yourself and where there is still lack of knowledge. The advantage is also that you graduate in addition to your degree in many training at the same time a professional degree. This greatly increases your chances on the job market.

In the company that sets you up, your future colleagues can count on you to know the practicalities and be a valuable employee. Dual degree programs have been developed because entrepreneurs have criticized the lack of practice and thus have self-teaching or support the training. Dual degree programs are sought after and increase the chance of finding a job.

What else is important?

Before you decide on a degree program, check your options. Even today it still happens that students decide for a subject that is only partially suitable for their future dream job. This happens z. For example, if there are new study programs that are more suitable for the set goal. Take advantage of course guidance and set out your goals dar. You have to complete an internship in your target career to give you an insight into the practical work.

If you want to study veterinary medicine, sit in a practice for large and small animals. If you are interested in law school, look over the shoulder of a social worker or bailiff. In this phase, study the strenuous and unpleasant aspects of the profession. These events are the ones that can overtax a not insignificant part of the career entrants. This also applies to apprentice trainee candidates. You should be particularly critical with very specialized professions that can offer you hardly any alternatives on the job market.